Power Attorney Training


Why attend these talks:  I have been an attorney for over seven years, but have worked in the legal field for seventeen.  During that time, I have seen shiny new attorneys, with no work experience in the legal world, struggle with everyday tasks because they have not been taught key basics for being an attorney.  These basics concern from contacting the correct client to research to billing.  While these are typically areas you learn “on the job”, most partners and/or firms may not have the time to teach these area to you.  These talks will put you ahead of the game, and will make you stand out as a go getter!

You will:

  • Hit the ground running
  • Save your firm money and time by bringing superior skills with you
  • Learn essential skills for the practice of civil litigation
  • Learn the basics of lawyering

I hope you enjoy these talks.
Melissa Hoffman, Esq.